Insights from the Global Ski Helmets Market Report 2018

Each year, this report provides detailed research to illuminate the trends, market development, and advancement shaping ski helmet technology and use. While this isn’t necessarily marketed toward the consumer, it is an essential piece of the financial puzzle for ski helmet makers and distributers. To that end, understanding the shifts in the market—especially when that market concerns items as essential as ski helmets—is a great way to stay on top of technological developments.


The fundamental purpose of Ski Helmet Market report is to provide a correct and strategic analysis of the ski helmet industry. It scrutinizes each segment and sub-segments to present a holistic view of the market. It is also an essential tool for gleaning factors driving the market growth, and it highlights applications, types, deployments, components, and developments of the market.


While the report is thousands of pages long, you should know the following:


  • The companies currently profiled in the report include Adidas, Burton, Columbia, The North Face, Alpine, Helly Hansen, Halti, Patagonia, Decathlon, Volcom, Peak Performance, Goldwin, Quicksilver, ARMADA, Schoeffel, Rossignol, Atomic, Spyder, Lafuma, ONeill, Boger, Karbon, Kjus, Decente, Arcteryx, Northland, and Phenix.


  • The applications profiled include cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, and freestyle skiing.


  • The regions included are the USA, Europe, South East Asia, Japan, China, and India.


  • The types profiled include Large, Medium, Extra-Large, Small, and Extra-Small sizes.


This is the time of year when ski and snowboard outfitters begin to launch their lines for the next season. Ideally, they utilize this report to target specific demographics and make changes to features and structures in order to maximize sales. If you begin to see new and improved styles and technology advertised with every sports retailer, understand that this is likely the result of this report. If anything is clear, it is that the ski helmet industry is growing.

Popular Helmet Brands

When it comes to most gear, brand corresponds to price—not quality. This, however, is not always true for ski helmets. These helmet brands, though expensive, have been working hard to produce consistently high-quality products for years. With in-house researchers and countless studies to support their design and material choices, you can rest assured that these helmets are likely some of the safest options available.


Smith—Smith was born in 1965, when Dr. Bob Smith, orthodontist and bonified ski bum, developed a pair of sealed thermal goggles. They’ve been perfecting safe and secure ski and snowboard headgear for over fifty years, producing advanced products to both fuel adrenaline and protect against accidents.
Giro—Giro has been making high-quality ski helmets for over thirty years. Founder Jim Gentes started the company with a simple mission: to make a safe and secure helmet that was lift, stylish, and well-ventilated. Since its inception, the company has made hundreds of thousands of protective headgear products.


Oakley—While many know Oakley as a surf company, they began producing ski equipment very early in the company’s life. They specialize in sunglasses and goggles, but they make a mean, protective, and all-around stylish ski helmet.


Sweet Protection—Sweet Protection makes performance helmets, protection gear, and technical clothing for skiing, snowboarding, biking, and whitewater rafting. They specialize in protective gear, spending much of their resources on researching the best, most current technology available. They blend industry-leading innovation with unmatched craftsmanship to create protection strong enough to push people beyond their boundaries.


Salomon—Salomon is a leading name in the ski industry, and it’s no surprise that they make a damn good helmet. Their headgear is separated into discipline categories: touring, freeride, on piste, and racing. This nearly guarantees a helmet perfectly suited to your needs.

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