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Helmets are an essential part of every skier’s outfit. If you regularly spend your winters on the slopes, you’ll come to realize that helmet usage is often a factor in distinguishing veteran riders from first-timers. Those who have spent the time perfecting their technique understand the importance of safety; it takes just one bad fall to crystallize this importance.

This “one bad fall” is how I came to appreciate helmets. A near-fatal accident was enough to set me on the path to ski safety education. Though I’ve always worn a helmet, experiencing the potential for disaster and injury within this high-speed, adrenaline-boosting sport brought the danger closer to my personal understanding than anything before. Ski safety is a lesson I won’t soon forget, and this site explores just a few of the nuances of helmet design and construction.

Acid Helmets is my personal investigation of helmet construction, design, and culture. Here, you will find everything from safety tips to design trends, arguments for helmets to terminology guides. Whether you think helmets are unnecessary or you’ve been wearing one since stepping foot on the mountain, this is the place for you.


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