Trooper II MIPS Helmet

The versatile Trooper II MIPS helmet is designed to be sturdy enough for a variety of outdoor adventures. The helmet receives high marks for skiing, snowboarding or mountain biking. Perhaps where the headgear while freeriding, touring or engaging in other types of outdoor adventures.  
The exterior is crafted using strong thermoplastic laminated carbon fibers in two layers. The interior is made using performance-grade materials for comfort while absorbing impact. The Trooper II is additionally created with MIPS technology, which is especially used to reduce rotational forces that the brain might suffer during a collision.  
Despite all of the advanced technology, the helmet is also designed to be lightweight. The headgear weighs a mere 1.5 pounds or 680 grams. Choose from one of six different colors in small, medium-large or extra-large sizes. The Trooper II comes audio ready. Prospective owners need to merely the audio chips separately to listen to their favorite music or make and take hands-free calls. 

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