The Fun Stuff: How to Personalize Your Helmet

Once you’ve determined the type of helmet that works best for you, consider the ways in which you would like to use your new piece of equipment. Though created for safety, helmets provide the opportunity for added warmth and media. Below is a list of helmet personalization methods:


Liner: Every seasoned skier and boarder knows the drastic temperature changes that may occur throughout the season, month, or day. Finding a helmet with detachable pads and drop liners will allow you to customize the amount of warmth you need.

Vents: Similar to detachable liner, vents allow you to control the helmet’s internal temperature. Adjustable vents allow you to cool down on the go, while removable plugs require stopping to adjust airflow.

Audio: An increasing number of skiers and boarders listen to music while out on the trails. If your helmet has ear pads and additional liner, squeezing headphones into your ears may become difficult. If this is the case, consider purchasing a helmet with built-in speakers. This is also perfect for those who ride in large groups, as you can often connect both cell phones and 2-way radios to your helmet’s speakers.

Camera: Park rats and speed demons are turning to GoPro and other small cameras to capture their stunts. As a result, many helmets now have built-in camera mounts. By freeing your hands from cameras and cell phones, a camera mount will help produce a smooth and seamless video.

Goggles: Protecting your head is necessary, but protecting your eyes is also important. While some riders prefer sunglasses, goggles protect against sun damage, wind, and debris. However, this equipment is rendered useless if not properly secured, and—as a result—finding a goggle-compatible helmet is essential.

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